Floor Tiles That Are Functional More Than Decorative

Just a small part of the range of porcelain floor tilesOne of the benefits of natural stone tiles is the uniqueness of each tile. For some, that uniqueness is a negative, especially those who are looking for a floor tile that is neutral rather than being a highlight. For these individuals, ceramic and porcelain tiles are a good option. These are man-made tiles (from natural materials) and are available as either identical tiles, or as tile sets that are repeatable (for example, four tiles that create a pattern).

Whilst these tiles are neutral, that doesn’t mean they are plain (although plain single colored tiles are available). Because they are manufactured, they can have any finish applied to them, including textures and colors that imitate natural stone and other materials (even timber and cork). Because each tile is identical, the color and texture flows smoothly across the floor or wall – this allows other items in the room to star with the porcelain floor tile being functional more than a part of the decor.

Art galleries are a good example of where porcelain tiles work very well. The floor tiles are functional, easy to keep clean, and don’t distract from the art work hanging in the gallery. Because porcelain tiles are so durable, a simple sweep or vacuum and occasional mop and polish is all that is required to keep these tiles looking great for many years.

If you are looking for a floor covering that is more functional than decorative, then consider porcelain floor tiles. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt are only too happy to show you the range of porcelain tiles and to help you design your next floor or wall project.