Floor Tiles Are Not Really All That Expensive

A happy home owner is one who has installed floor tiles without incidentI know that many people think of floor tiles, when they think about them, as just floor tiles. Let’s face it, once they have been installed, apart from admiring the beauty, and keeping them clean, floor tiles do nothing obvious. So why do people make such a fuss over a floor covering? It’s all about decor, functionality, and perhaps a little prestige – after all, it’s not carpet or vinyl, it’s ceramic, or natural stone floor tiles.

Floor tiles are no different to any other decorator tool – they come into fashion then fade out again, although with floor tiles it tends to be a waxing and waning between different tile types. Marble used to be popular although cost was once a limiting factor. Granite was the alternative for those on a budget, however, today’s budget conscious tend to look at ceramic and porcelain floor tiles.

When it comes to costs, you may find that installation is more expensive than the tiles themselves, especially if you don’t have an adequate base to install your tiles on. It does pay to talk to a tile expert before buying your tiles as there are some tiles that don’t need a lot of preparatory work. Ceramic tiles can often be laid on existing flooring with just a little preparation. Other tiles may need extensive preparation work, and that could prove to be expensive, more so if you intend installing your tiles yourself. Get that preparation wrong and your new floor could have a limited life span.

You will also need to factor in any post installation costs such sealing, cleaning and polishing. What is most important is that you have a clear indication of your costs before you even buy your floor tiles, and that is where a tile expert is needed. At Éco Dépôt Céramique, our focus is on helping you achieve the results you are dreaming of. This means helping you with your planning, your tile selection, and advice on how to install and maintain your floor tiles. If it all comes together properly, you’ll have decades of happy use of a great tiled floor.