Are Floor Tiles And Children A Good Combination

Floor tiles and kids are a great mixFloor tiles are hard so you may be having some reservations about using them in a home with young children. The reality is, it doesn’t matter what sort of floor covering you have, if a child falls from a height, they are going to be injured. If a child falls whilst running or playing, then in most cases it doesn’t matter what sort of floor coverings you are using. There will be tears, and perhaps bruises, but in ten minutes it will all be forgotten and they will back to the same antics that created the incident in the first place.

So are floor tiles a bad combination with children? On the contrary – floor tiles are perhaps better than many coverings such as carpet. Floor tiles are easy to clean.

It doesn’t matter what mess a child makes on floor tiles. They can be easily cleaned up with no staining and no ongoing problems. When it comes to carpet, messes can be bad news. The carpet fibers can absorb liquids, creating stains and unwanted odors.

Natural stone tiles have added benefits when it comes to play-time. Children are able to play easier on a flat hard floor than on softer floors. Building blocks fall over much easier on carpet than on floor tiles – test it out sometime and you’ll see there’s a big difference. Toy cars will scoot across floor tiles whereas with carpet, that same car will come to a quick stop.

Which floor tiles are best for children? They are all fairly similar – natural stone looks good and has interesting patterns that can catch the attention of children. Porcelain is perhaps the hardest floor tile available so it will take all the punishment that a child can hand out, and survive. If there is a downside to polished floor tiles, it is that children may decide that this type flooring is perfect for skating on – a child, a pair of socks and a polished floor is a recipe for hours of fun – at least, for that child.  Home floor tiles – they are definitely a good combination with children.