Floor Tiles An Ideal Part Of Any Basement Waterproofing Plan

Floor tiles can help with a basement waterproofing planIf you’re likely many home owners who have a basement, then it is most likely a damp and musty area of the home that is little used. There is a growing trend to capitalize on all the space in a home, including the basement, and to achieve this, you may well need a basement waterproofing plan. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make use of the water-resistant capabilities of wall and floor tiles – in particular, granite, slate and porcelain tiles.

With careful preparation, these tiles can become a barrier to moisture, helping to keep your basement relatively dry and free of molds and other problems associated with damp areas. Porcelain floor tiles have the best water-resistance factor, being almost totally waterproof. Granite floor tiles have natural water resistance more so if they have been sealed. Slate is another natural stone tile that has water-resistant capabilities. It is also one of the few tiles that has natural anti-slip properties.

When putting together a basement waterproofing plan, talk to a tile expert. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can advise you as to which tiles are best suited to your basement’s environment, what preparation may be required, and how best to install and then maintain those tiles. We can show you a range of tiles that will not only help with your waterproofing plan but will also bring your basement to life, making it an extra room in your home that is fully functional.

Basements don’t need to be dark, dingy and damp places. They can be brought to life and made into extra rooms for a variety of uses. Using wall and floor tiles is a cost effective way to help you waterproof your basement.