Which Floor Tile Doesn’t Stain, Scratch, Burn Or Chip Easily

Porcelain tiles are versatile enough to be used on a wide range of surfacesModern floor tiles need to be tough, especially in homes with children and/or pets. There is one tile that is virtually stain-, scratch-, burn- and chip-resistant – tough enough to handle anything that’s thrown at it, and I do mean thrown. Porcelain floor tiles are manufactured from clay, and the resultant tile is so tough it can be used in industrial and commercial settings as well as the home.

The downside to a tough tile-like porcelain is that it is hard to work with when installing. Whole tiles are fine because they can be installed like every other type of tile. It’s the shaping of a tile for tricky areas that is difficult. Installers will tell you they go through more tile saws when installing porcelain than any other tile.

Because porcelain tiles are manufactured, the range of colors, patterns and finishes is infinite. This means there is always going to be a porcelain tile that matches your decor. Porcelain tiles are so versatile they can be used in any room including bathrooms, kitchens, and for outdoor applications. Porcelain tiles can also be used on walls and on benchtops allowing home owners the option to fully coordinate a room.

If you are looking for a creative look in your home (or commercial premises), then take a closer look at porcelain tiles. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you design your next project using porcelain floor tiles. If porcelain is not your preference, we can show you a wide range of alternatives, including natural stone and ceramic floor tiles. I think you’ll find that, in most applications, porcelain floor tiles more than meet your needs.