Floor Tile Hardness An Important Consideration For Any Home

Good solid floor tilesBefore buying any type of floor covering, it’s important to assess the type of wear and tear that floor is going to be subjected to. Carpets can be a great floor covering, however, if you have several pets, particularly cats and dogs, then be prepared for a lot of hard work removing pet hair. Linoleum can also be a good floor covering choice, however, if you are moving furniture frequently or have a lot of foot traffic, then that covering may not last for long. Floor tiles also have different wear capabilities, and care is needed when deciding on which floor tile is right for your circumstances.

Marble has long been a popular choice for floor tiles because of the elegance and beauty it brings to any room. Marble does have its limitations, and traffic is one that needs careful consideration since marble is quite soft and can be damaged quite easily. Marble floor tiles will absorb some stains very quickly if the staining material is not cleared away immediately.

Granite floor tiles are the opposite. They bring a unique look of their own, and as a natural stone tile, they can be very hard. Granite floor tiles have the highest water-resistance factor (compared to other natural stone tiles), can be hard to scratch and won’t readily absorb stain. Granite floor tiles are a good choice for areas that have high traffic volume.

Perhaps the hardest and longest wearing floor tile is porcelain. These tiles are water-resistant, stain-resistant and virtually scratch-resistant. Porcelain tiles are manufactured and that process makes the tiles very hard (and hard to cut during installation), which means when installed correctly, they will last decades.

Before buying floor tiles, talk to a tile expert. Each tile type has a range of properties, and you need to compare them against your environment. Get the tile type wrong and you could find that your in for years of problems, often expensive problems. Get the tile type right and you’ll have years (if not decades) of trouble-free enjoyment.