Five Reasons Floating Vanities Are Popular

floating vanitiesA floating vanity is one that has no legs touching the floor. It has been anchored securely into the wall and, if done correctly, will not sag or come away from its anchor during use. The idea has been with us for years, mostly in commercial installations, because it is easier to clean the floor beneath. But there are good reasons why floating vanities are seen in the most luxurious of homes:

  • the floor is easy to maintain
  • beautiful tiled floors are showcased
  • the area has a spacious feel
  • lighting underneath the vanity adds emphasis to the design
  • if the vanity has no storage, a chest or baskets can fit easily

A floating vanity with simple lines is not going to look outdated, even years from now. The functional purity of design keeps it timeless. You are not limited in choice with designs: many have all the storage space one could want but merely lack the legs. Floating vanities are probably not a good do-it-yourself project unless you have a lot of experience, but if you are interested in lessening the burden of maintenance, floating the toilet and vanity in a bathroom will be one of the best ways to do it because the floor has less obstructions to clean around.

Éco Dépôt has an extensive selection of imported bathroom vanities in Montreal. Some are floating, some have legs or bases, but all are carefully curated so that we offer only the best variety of bathroom vanities to our customers. You will be able to look at all the styles, ask questions of our expert staff, and select the best vanity for your bathroom.