Fall Project – Spruce Up Your Patio With Outdoor Floor Tiles

Spruce up your patio this fall with outdoor floor tilesNeed something to do this Fall? You could consider giving your patio a good facelift. All it takes is the right outdoor floor tile selection and your old patio will gain a new lease on life. The right outdoor floor tile will depend largely on your patio’s placement when it comes to summer and winter weather.

Outdoor tiles are generally weather resistant. Some outdoor tiles are more appropriate than others under certain situations; for example, if your patio receives a lot of sun in summer, then slate tiles may be one of the best choices since it stays relatively cool under foot. Slate tiles are also a good choice in areas that are frequently wet since they are non-slip. If you have a swimming pool close to your patio, then slate tile is ideal.

If your patio is affected by snow and/or frost, then either slate or ceramic tiles could be more appropriate. They withstand weather extremes well, especially the cold. They won’t crack or warp, and they are scratch resistant as well – a big bonus for outdoor tiles.

Before sprucing up your patio, come and talk to one of our tile experts. They can help you plan your flooring project, including the selection of the right type of tile, how to best lay them, and advice on how to maintain them to keep them in perfect order for years to come. Éco Dépôt has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor tiles for you to chose from.  Natural stone has survived in nature for thousands of years so it certainly makes a great choice for patios – and with such a great range, you’ll have your patio looking fantastic and ready for next summer.