Factors To Consider In Selecting Office Bathroom Tile

bathroom tileTile is a perfect choice for a commercial bathroom because it holds up well to the rigors of commercial janitorial maintenance. Still, there are some factors you should consider when selecting the tile for your office bathroom floors and walls.

Shiny floors can cause problems. Not only is a high gloss on a floor slippery when the inevitable handwashing splashes out of the sink, it can be reflective with some colors. Most people do not want to have mirrors on the floor of the stall.

Grout has to be chosen wisely. The right grout works beautifully with the tile and is easy to maintain. The wrong grout turns into a nightmare for your cleaning staff and will always make your public restrooms look grungy.

Texture will keep you safer. There are tile options with enough texture to provide traction even when wet, and are still smooth enough to be easy to keep clean.

Accent tiles add decor without clutter. A public bathroom does not need doodads for decoration if it has interesting tile accents on wall and floor. This means easier maintenance for your crew, and fewer opportunities for vandalism.

Lighting is enhanced by reflective tiles. Glass mosaics, lighter colored porcelains, even crystalline granite all will maximize the effect of your lighting without adding to energy costs.

Éco Dépôt carries a wide selection of commercial-grade tiles, including the best office tile flooring in Montreal. When you are considering the tile for your office bathrooms, come in and discuss your project with our highly-trained designers. We are familiar with commercial projects and can show you many options while answering all your tile questions.