What Factors Determine The Right Basement Floor Tiles

What are the important factors related to basement tile flooringWhen considering flooring for your basement, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. The first piece of advice is very simple and easy to achieve – do nothing about your current floor until you have decided on your new flooring. If necessary, seek the advice of a flooring professional. The floor tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you to work through some of these factors to determine which flooring is best suited to your basement.

The main considerations include:

Moisture – how damp does your basement get. Some basements suffer seasonal flooding whilst others suffer little more than condensation on walls.  Moisture is one of the most important considerations when it comes to basements so they can fall into the same category as bathrooms.

Basement Use – your intended use of the basement is also an important consideration. If you intend making the area an exercise room with heavy weight machines, then tiles may not be the best option. Determine the dominant use for your basement, then select flooring that best suits that use. A flooring expert can help you determine which flooring options are best suited to that use.

Existing Flooring – What do you currently have as a basement floor? Different surfaces require different preparation; one of the main reasons behind our do nothing first approach mentioned earlier. Concrete flooring will need cleaning whilst carpet, linoleum and vinyl will need removing. If you have a dirt floor, then there are options open to you. Concrete floors are generally the easiest to work on.

Access – access is a factor that is not always considered when it comes to basement flooring. If your basement requires a lot of preparation work, then you will need to determine if there is easy access for any equipment.

When assessing the best flooring option for your basement, tile can tick most of the boxes for suitability and moisture proofing.