Express Yourself By Your Vanity

bathroom vanityBathroom vanities show your character, express your personality in ways that other design features cannot. You can spice up a bathroom, and even your Master Bedroom, with the right vanity. And it’s not always the material of the vanity that you should be concerned about. Certainly not the price.

It’s the design.

And the size. Maybe. After all, if you have a small bathroom, you may not be able to fit a monster-size vanity in it, so that is a consideration.

But it’s the vanity’s design that carries most of the weight for your home’s bathroom.

Design considerations on which you’ll have to ponder and make a decision on include:

  • Mirrors – Attached or detached?
  • Sinks – One or two? Oval-shaped, square, or round? Some vanities even come with odd-shaped sinks.
  • Cabinets – Large, small, room for towels, intricately designed or ornate? How do you want the face of your vanity to look?
  • Countertops – Do you need lots of room for your perfumes and lotions or do you keep your vanity tops bare? Is this important to you?
  • Other features – You decide what features are important to you. Express your personality through your bathroom vanity – even with materials. You can order a vanity made of marble, wood, or other substances, including tile.

A carefully constructed bathroom vanity can be an elegant attraction to your bathroom. It is an enduring expression of you.