Eco-Conscious Office Tile

eco-conscious office tileMany offices are choosing hard-surfaced tile flooring because it is a practical, attractive option that also has ecological advantages over carpet. As companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint, being able to point to choices that are made in their building design proves their commitment to the future.

Disadvantages of Carpet

Carpet has a period of off-gassing after installation that causes a definite deterioration of indoor air quality. It often will be made of materials that are less than eco-friendly and it must be vacuumed daily to avoid allergens being trapped in the fibers. Shampooing commercial carpets is a time-consuming process that brings more chemicals into the rooms and usually will need drying time before the area is available for use. Recycling carpet is rarely an option, but it can be done.

Advantages of Tile

Tile is inert, giving off no additional fumes at installation. There are many options of commercial tile available, including natural stone, and many will not need additional sealing. Those that do need sealants can be evaluated on anticipated scheduled maintenance to determine if that particular tile is a good fit for the location.

The hard surface of tile will not allow allergens a place to hide, so that a simple mopping and drying cleans the area of contaminants. Commercial grade tile flooring is extremely durable and rarely needs to be replaced, but if it is torn out you will often be able to recycle and reuse it if it is undamaged or can be crushed and used as paving material.

Finding Eco-Friendly Office Tile in Montreal

If you are looking for a source of eco-conscious office tile flooring in Montreal, come into the showrooms at Écô Dépot and ask about the options. With decades of experience and highly trained designers, we can help you with all your commercial flooring needs.