One Easy Way To See If You Need New Sealant

floor tile sealantMany sealed tile floors in busy restaurants get an extreme amount of traffic in a relatively short time. It’s a challenge for the maintenance crew to know when a main walkway should be given a new coat of sealer, but there is a good way to make it simple.

Create Secret Signals That Reveal Wear

As the sealant is being applied, mark the top coats with a discreet symbol. Some use a lead pencil and numbers, others use a stoplight system of red, yellow, and green in grease pencil or a soft-colored lead.

  1. The red “stop” signal or a number is put on first. Then another coat of sealer is applied.
  2. The yellow “caution” signal is put on top the stop signal, or a different number is written beside the first. Another coat of sealer goes on top.
  3. The green “go” signal goes over the yellow or a new number is put down next to the others. Then as many coats of sealer as you want are applied.

As the maintenance crew scrubs floors, train them to keep an eye on your signals. The finish will be wearing down with traffic, and your signals will wear down to reveal which coat of sealer the area is currently retaining.

  1. As long as all three numbers or the green dot is there, you are good to go.
  2. If two numbers or a yellow dot are on the spot, they need to notify management that finish needs to be refreshed in that walkway.
  3. A red dot or one number means that this floor area has no sealant at all and must be refinished.

If the restaurant has these secret signals scattered around  the floors, they will not be noticeable to any but the crew. Having a way to monitor which areas are being worn to the point of needing new top coats keeps you from having to close down to do everything. The smaller areas can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, keeping your business up and running.

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