Don’t Throw Your Ceramic Tile Away

crafty uses for ceramic tileWhen you replace your floor tiles you, like a lot of other people, may wonder how you can recycle it. Most people just throw it away, but if most of the tiles are good, then that could be a waste. Ceramic tile can be re-used for craft projects.

Here are 5 uses for your old ceramic tiles after you replace them:

  1. Ceramic art – Take your good ceramic tiles and paint them. You can use them like a canvas to paint or pencil on. Even the cracked tiles can be used for this purpose. If you are creative, you can use the crack lines as a part of your artwork.
  2. Drink coasters – You don’t want to put your wet drinks on wood. Why not turn your ceramic tile into coasters? You’ll likely have to cut them. You can usually rent a tile cutter from a local tool shop or hardware store. Cut them in squares, circles, or another crafty shape, then paint them to match your furniture.
  3. Make a jigsaw puzzle – Again, you’ll have to cut your tiles up, but paint your tiles into a big picture mural before you remove them. After you pull the tiles out of your house, cut the puzzle up and give it to someone to solve.
  4. Jewelry – Small ceramic tiles can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other types of jewelry.
  5. Picture frames – Take your family photos and glue or tape them to the ceramic tile. You can put a stand on the back of the tile so the photos can stand on your end table, mantel, or knick knack rack or you can cover them with glass and put them inside a metal (or other suitable material) frame then hang them on a wall.

Since you’re pulling out your ceramic tile anyway, why not put the old ceramic to good use and recycle it? Turn it into a project.