Does Your Basement Type Matter?

basement flooringThe most popular type of basement construction is poured concrete. This is when the builder digs the hole for the basement and pours concrete for the walls and floor. It’s a sturdy construction method because the concrete, once it settles and hardens, is able to withstand cave-ins.

It’s also more fire-resistant than the other type of basement.

Another type of basement is the pre-cast panel type of basement. The walls are constructed off site and moved to the building location then placed inside the hole dug for the basement. The pre-cast floor and walls are made from poured concrete, but they have to be moved into place by a crane.

Some basements are constructed with masonry blocks. The walls are constructed and held together by joints, which means it isn’t as sturdy as poured concrete. Your basement will have to be reinforced with waterproofing.

Can You Lay Tile Flooring In All Types Of Basements?

There are no limitations to laying tile in any of these types of basements. However, the strengths and weaknesses of each type of basement are still evident beneath the tile. If you plan on using a masonry wall for your basement construction, then you need to make sure you waterproof it. In terms of the best type of tile to use for your basement, follow the normal recommendations for basement flooring.