Does Your Tile Hold Up To Graffiti?

graffiti tileRetail establishments have unique challenges when it comes to their public restrooms. One of the common challenges is dealing with graffiti. There just seems to be something about knowing you are private and probably won’t be caught that brings out the graffiti artist in people.

So the type of surface you choose for your public restroom walls and floors really matters because this room often has cleaning challenges the janitorial staff won’t encounter anywhere else. Most of the time, that unwanted artwork will be lipstick, marker, or sometimes nail polish. Often, ball point pen or pencil comes into play. Different substances will require harsher chemicals to remove them, but the proper choice of tile will hold up to the cleaning process and continue to look good.

The public restroom is an essential part of the retail experience. Bathrooms that are not kept pristine will leave a lasting unfavorable impression on the shopper. Choosing a continuous, impervious surface will go a long way in keeping the standards high. This is the reason most high-end retailers will choose tile for the public bathrooms.

Tile offers all the variety to create a beautiful facility that echoes your decor. It also can offer the durable surface you need in the practical sense. Éco Dépôt Céramique carries many types of commercial grade tile that will be perfect in your establishment. Retail tile flooring and walls need to stand up to retail conditions, and graffiti in the bathroom is unfortunately often encountered.

When you come in to see what is available, ask the expert tile advisor about the tiles that will hold up to being cleaned after graffiti has marred their beauty. You will be pleased to see that many options are available, so your public restrooms can be kept pristine.