Does Your Bistro Floor Match Your Menu?

restaurant wall and floor tilesOne of the charms of a traditional bistro is the tiled floor. Penny tiles or hexagons, a white expanse peppered with small black detail is classic. So is the black and white checkerboard. On this durable surface, generations of diners gathered for cheerful discussions over whatever the chef had decided to make that day.

Today, the term “bistro” has expanded past the small family-run restaurant to include a variety of dining options, but the feeling of the traditional bistro is still to be desired. A traditional floor can indicate a traditional menu without saying a word, but it doesn’t actually rule out non-traditional offerings.

Imagine a traditional bistro room with a different flooring, perhaps large tiles of granite. An entirely different ambiance is created and with it a different expectation of menu. Most diners would have no idea why they expect that menu to be non-traditional, but subconsciously they are incorporating the non-traditional flooring in their sense of the venue.

Now switch that imaginary bistro floor to slate, glass mosaic, or porcelain planks. Each change of flooring affects the way the room feels, and that will affect the way the diner views the food and drink being served. As a result, the flooring choice is the foundation the dining experience is built upon.

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