Dare To Be Different With Your Bathroom Floor Tiles

Using tiles of a different color randomly for special effectIt can be easy to select a tile for a bathroom floor. Walk into most bathrooms and you’ll find ceramic or porcelain tiles, occasionally marble, and sometimes even natural stone. The consistent factor is ‘sameness’.

When I say ‘sameness’, I mean the one tile type and pattern has been used wall to wall. Some homeowners dare to be different. They’ll find the bathroom floor tile that they like – both type, texture and color, then, for special effect, replace random tiles with something very different (when it comes to color).

You should keep to the same tile type, for example, if you have decided on ceramic, then stick to ceramic. However, if you have selected a traditional white tile, why not replace a couple of those tiles with gold, or black, or something with a distinct pattern. That effect is not new of course, just look at bathroom walls that have been tiled. You’ll find a different tile color or pattern used for special effect. However, that too has a ‘sameness’ – every fifth tile replaced by a patterned tile.

Instead, in a smaller bathroom, pick one tile at random, and replace it with a different color. For larger bathrooms, replace two or three – again, at random with no particular predetermined pattern. The effect can be stunning, and can change a plain old tiled bathroom into one that looks special.

Having trouble deciding on which tiles best suit your bathroom floor? Talk to the experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique. They are highly trained and can help you select from a wide range of bathroom tile options, and that includes finding a special tile that will bring your tiling project to life.