What’s The Difference Between A Floor Tile And A Wall Tile?

Is there any real difference between floor tiles and wall tiles?A frequent question asked relates to wall tiles and floor tiles. In particular, how they differ. In today’s world, there’s no difference at all with floor tiles often being used on walls, particularly feature walls. In the past, wall tiles were much smaller than floor tiles. Tiles used on bathroom walls for example were around four inches square.

You will still find a large range of smaller wall tiles, however, the trend at present is to use larger tiles, even on bathroom and kitchen walls. Larger tiles means there are fewer grout lines, which does make for easier cleaning. Larger tiles do require a little more work when installing – their weight needs to be considered, especially on larger walls.

Home owners will now find a range of large tiles that have been crafted just for walls. These tiles are thinner than those used on floors, which does make for an easier time when installing. Since they don’t need to absorb traffic, there is no need for a thicker tile.

Using the same tiles for floors and walls does make it easier when it comes to color coordination – you know the tiles are coming from the same batch, so they will have similar colors and patterns. Some home owners prefer their bathroom floors and walls to look the same, and with the right vanity and color combinations the look can be very effective.

If you require advice about a project that involves both wall and floor tiling, talk to a tile expert. They will ensure you are using the right tiles for each area and help you coordinate your colors if necessary. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique are only too happy to help you plan your next tiling project.