What Difference Does Bathroom Tile Make?

bathroom tilesThe bathroom is a spot in the home that constantly has high-humidity issues. The walls and floor, even the ceiling, of a bathroom should be able to handle steam, water spotting, and constant cleaning because of soap scums and potential mold. At the same time, the bathroom is used consistently and its decor affects the mood of the home. Dingy, ugly bathrooms make the rest of the house seem a little dingy and ugly too.

Tile has so many varieties that any style of home can be improved with a tiled bathroom. Country, classic, zen, modern, urban, traditional, or unique: the perfect tile can be found.

Many tiles will transition from one style to another easily. It isn’t difficult to find a neutral bathroom tile that can look completely different with a few changes to towel colors and accessories.

Tile is a perfect surface for the harsher conditions found in bathrooms because it can have an impervious, waterproof finish. Some tiles will not, so it is important to assess your choice in the light of reality. If you love the look of marble but don’t want to do the maintenance it needs, check out porcelain tiles that look like marble. They won’t have all the variations of the natural stone, but they will be indifferent to the cleaning process when you try to get the soap scum off. Many of the glass mosaic tiles are perfect in bathrooms and the translucence of the glass creates a beautiful surface that will not be affected by this location. The smaller tiles give a floor a degree of slip-resistance that is welcome, too. Subway tiles were designed to withstand soot and steam in dirty tunnels. A bathroom is a paradise in comparison.

Éco Dépôt Céramique carries many choices of bathroom tile in our Montreal showrooms. Come in with a wish list. Reflective surfaces? Light colors? Accessible shower? Our highly trained assistants will show you which tiles will meet your need, and then comes the hard part — you have to pick one. Then you are on your way to changing your dingy, ugly bathroom into something you love.