How To Add Decorative Depth With Glass Mosaic Tile

glass mosaic tileSometimes the idea of tile conjures up the image of the tiles in the subway…a clean, classic look of white porcelain rectangles in a decidedly subtle pattern on the wall. This is a popular look for kitchens and baths because it is easy to keep clean and gives a backdrop to your accessories.

But tile walls and floors are not limited to the blank canvas of a single neutral hue. With the glass mosaic tiles in our showrooms you can add all the shimmering color and design you crave without sacrificing any of the easy-to-clean advantages of tile surfaces. It’s a good idea to think about what kind of cleaning you will need to do when you choose a surface for your home. That smooth surface easily releases greasy kitchen splashes or soap scum, and if you have selected colors you love it will be a joy to clean them.

Glass has depth, and this sense of “something more” can be valuable in spots where you really cannot add other elements because of space restraints. For instance, a wall in a small entry may not have room in front of it, but a glass mosaic tile feature catches available light and reflects it back with beauty. Looking at our selections, you will notice that the same colors look entirely different when the tiles are in various sizes or shapes. Our designers can help you combine your favorites into a unique design element for your home.

Glass mosaic tiles can be combined with other types of tile for adding a thread of shimmer to a backsplash or knee wall. You can have all-over designs or simple touches of color; it really depends on what you love. With tile, your options are vast. Think about your preferences; multiple patterns layered with abandon or simple shapes in solid colors? Either look is possible with glass mosaic tiles because they come in many colors and can be combined easily.

Visit one of our local Quebec showrooms or contact Éco Dépôt Céramique to explore how your home can have the added decorative depth of glass mosaic tile.