Have You Considered Tiling Your Garage Floor?

Granite tiles are a great option for garage floorsTiled garage floors are very popular, particularly in Europe and across the United States. They are also popular in more up-market homes around Montreal. If you want to lift the value of your home, it could be well worth tiling your garage floor. There are a lot of benefits to tiling a garage floor, not just the aesthetic look.

Granite tiles are a good choice for garage floors as they deliver a finish that is well suited to that environment. Granite is tough, long wearing, has water resistance properties, and has some natural stain resistance properties as well. Slate tiles are also a popular choice, however, they may not be your best choice if you also use your garage as a workshop.

One of the best tiles for a garage is ceramic or porcelain. They offer the best water and stain resistance and are generally tough enough to handle most activities. Industrial ceramic and porcelain tiles are available, and these will handle the punishment that a garage/workshop dishes out.

If you are considering a tiled garage floor, talk to a tile expert first. Éco Dépôt Céramique has a wide range of tiles available along with well-trained tile experts who will help you select the most appropriate tiles. We will also provide advice on how to prepare the surface and install your garage tile floor. With the right installation and maintenance, tiled garage floors will last for decades, and they will certainly add value to your home.

You can find suitable floor tiles in a range of colors, textures and finishes. Tiles that have some slip resistance are recommended since they add traction to a cars tires and help reduce the risks of slips when the floor becomes wet – and it will if you park your car after a rainstorm.

Granite tiles look great. Ceramic tiles are a great all-purpose option whilst slate not only looks good but offers natural slip-resistance. The real problem is not whether or not to tile your garage floor; it’s what type of tile to use.