Connemara’s Unique Marble

connemara marbleMarble comes in many colors and variations because of the differences in mineral content during formation. One of the most unique types of stone is the green marble found in Connemara.

Connemara Marble is only found in a small area of Ireland, in the Connemara region in the remote western part of the country. It is famous for being “all the shades of Ireland,” many variations of serpentine twisting throughout the rock in veins of light and dark green. It is prized for its rarity and its color, being used for buildings and jewelry and everything in between.

The quarries that yield Connemara marble are small, family-owned sites. The green stone has been hewn out of the earth for unknown generations and comes out in a pale green that darkens with polishing. It can be seen in buildings as famous as Kensington Palace and Dublin’s Trinity College. It also is the source for small souvenirs purchased by tourists eager to have a memento of the green countryside.

Marble items can be a wonderful reminder of the places visited on vacation. A few green slabs of this famous marble would make a nice accent in a room, as cheese boards, or simply displayed in a stand. It contrasts nicely in a room that has been tiled in marble from another part of the globe; perhaps a taupe or darker grey.

Éco Dépôt carries many beautiful marble tile flooring choices and any one of them would be a nice background for a room that showcases art and items of interest. It is a popular choice for museum flooring for that reason. If you are interested in a beautifully appointed room, marble flooring is certainly one of the best options available.