Commercial Floor Tiles Are Not Always Noisy

Acoustic underlay can help reduce the sound levels of tiled floorsOne complaint that is often voiced concerning floor tiles is the noise factor. Tiles can be noisy. High heel shoes walking across a hard tile floor, especially in an empty room like a hallway or lobby, can echo and can be very noisy – often to the point of making the walker self conscious and uncomfortable. Commercial floor tiles don’t have to be noisy although it is difficult to totally deaden any sound.

The solution to noisy tiles lies in the underlay used. There are special acoustic underlays available that will deaden a lot of the noise that is produced on tiles. These are very useful in open areas like lobbies and hallways. They are also useful in apartment buildings where noise from one level can echo down to the level below. Acoustic underlays can also be used in residential flooring to reduce the amount of noise a floor tile produces.

It is important to match the right underlay with each specific floor tile type. There are many generic acoustic underlays, however, caution is required to ensure they don’t have an impact on the long term viability of your floor tiles.  One of the benefits of many acoustic underlays is their insulating qualities, a bonus for those looking to use this material in multi-story buildings and homes.

While there are several alternative flooring options (such as cork) that are quieter, they do not have the longevity that harder tiles have. They don’t have the same visual impact as granite or marble floor tiles either. Talk to a tile expert if you need help reducing the impact of sound caused through floor tiles.  Acoustic underlay needs to be installed before you lay your floor tiles, so don’t be caught out. Talk to one of our experts at Éco Dépôt – we’ll help you select the right floor tile for your project and provide advice on the right acoustic underlay to use.