Classic, Contemporary Marble Floor Tiles

marbel versatilityThere’s a good reason why you often will see marble floor tiles in grand hotels and exotic spa retreats: it makes a breathtakingly beautiful floor that never completely goes out of style. The ancient world prized marble as a building material, and things really have not changed since the Greeks and Romans walked on their marble-tiled floors.

Marble Can Be Versatile

Because marble floor tiles come in many colors and many degrees of veining patterns, it is easy to find one that appeals to you and works with your decor. It’s also easy to design a floor you can use as a springboard for many changes of decor in the future, which is a good thing since a marble floor lasts for a long time with proper maintenance.

The designers at any of the three Écot Dépôt showrooms in the Montreal area can show you how the variations in color, tile size and shape, and vein pattern can be combined for an infinite variety of marble tile flooring installations. It’s a good idea to ask for pictures of finished projects to get a feel for what your floor will look like.

Remember to ask about the characteristics that different types of finish for marble and how that affects sealants and maintenance. Look at the possibilities in changing the size of the tile or the way it is laid out–but don’t forget to do a dry run before the contractor installs it! Since marble is natural stone, there are variations in every tile that affect what the finished floor looks like.

That individuality and versatility is what keeps marble at the top of the list for luxury floor tiles.