Choosing Grout For A Travertine Backsplash

travertineTravertine tiles are very popular as a backsplash because the textured beauty of the stone is often highlighted by undercabinet lighting. This natural stone has many subtle variations in color, making it a good choice for connecting the colors of the cabinetry and countertops.

Those same variations in color and texture can make choosing grout a little bit challenging. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help make that decision easier:

  • Do I want all the holes and crevices to be filled? The process of grouting will naturally get grout on the tiles, and some people allow that filling to happen. It can add a bit of the grout color to the tile and keep dirt from collecting there instead. If you want to minimize this effect, most experts suggest sealing the top surface of the tile before grouting.
  • Do I want to emphasize the size and shape of the tiles? Choose a contrasting color for your grout, possibly picking up a color from the surroundings. An easy way to visualize this is done with heavy yarn the color of the potential grout, stuffed between the tiles in a small area. Do a few sample spots in your options and live with them a couple of days to get a feel for what appeals to you.
  • Do I want to emphasize the colors and overall look of the tile? Choose a grout color that blends with the background color of the tiles. This technique keeps the grout from being another detail in the design and highlights the stone itself.
  • Do I want to use grout that will not harm the soft travertine? Use epoxy or unsanded grout, since the sanded type will scratch travertine when you wash the grout haze from the tile.
  • Do I want to keep this tile installment looking good? Follow the advice of the experts on appropriate sealing and cleaning products for your particular tile and grout choices.

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