Choosing Commercial Tile Flooring

commercial floor tilesBusinesses have special considerations where their floors are concerned that residential customers don’t have. You have to think about more factors. Traffic is one of them, but it’s not the most important one.

When choosing commercial flooring you also have to consider how you will be using your floors. You don’t want to use ceramic or porcelain if your floor will come into contact with water, grease, or oil on a regular basis. Restaurant kitchens, for instance, should use other materials.

Another consideration is maintenance. If you get a high maintenance floor tile and you don’t keep up with it the way you should, it will damage the floor and it won’t last as long.

Something else you have to consider is slippage. This goes back to maintenance. Improper cleaning techniques can make your floor tiles more slippery. If you have special rooms that you can block off access to or restrict public usage from, then your floor tiles will last longer. You should also consider drainage issues, especially if you are tiling an outdoor area.

If you have an area that will be sloped, these considerations are even more important. The last thing you want is a lawsuit because your floors are slippery.

Consult with an Eco Depot representative for your commercial floor tiling needs. Avoid the obvious mistakes. Seek good advice.