How To Choose Tile For Your Shower

shower tileA tiled shower is a feature that adds value to your home. The proper selection of the tile you use will not only add beauty, it will increase safety and ease of cleaning. Here are some the most important things to consider when choosing the tile for  your shower:

  • Mineral content of your water — many people in Montreal use a water softening system, but if you do not, then there is a potential for water with heavy mineral content pooling and leaving permanent marks in a rough surface like natural stone.
  • Curved surfaces — that wavy built-in bench seat is a great feature, but you won’t be able to tile it with big pieces because they won’t bend.
  • Safety when wet — you do NOT want a floor tile that is slippery while you suds yourself. Sometimes the smaller tiles with their network of grout between offer the best traction. Larger tiles can be better for accessibility if they have an A or B slip-resistance rating.
  • Ease of cleaning — make sure you know how to keep your tile and grout choices maintained in the way you are willing to maintain them.
  • Contact with your bare skin — you will be standing barefoot and sitting on any built-in bench naked. The edges of that bench and the feel of the tile will make a difference in your showering experience.
  • Adhesion of tile to backer board and concrete — you want at least 95% of the back of your tile to be in contact because this tile will have to stay stuck in very wet conditions. Think about it; your shower floor is all but submerged when you are using it.

Éco Dépôt Céramique has a wide range of choices working beautifully in a tiled bathroom. Contact us to talk to an expert about which of those choices will work best in your home.