Choose Your Floor Tile Then Choose Your Sealer

Sealed and unsealed natural stone tilesNatural stone floor tiles can be purchased either pre-sealed or in a raw state ready for sealing after installation. That of course is based on the proviso you want your floor tiles sealed. In some cases, keeping the raw look may be the best approach, however, if you want a more durable tile, then sealing is the only way to go.

The problem with tile sealants is the range of products available. Some sealants are surface-based whilst others are designed to impregnate the tile. Both will enhance the colors of your tiles, add a little gloss to your floor, and protect your tiles from water and staining.

So your first question, after selecting your natural stone tile, is whether or not you want to have those tiles sealed, and if you do, the type of sealant you want. A natural stone tile expert can help guide you through this process. Just be sure to select a reputable expert. They will ensure your final tile and sealant selection is based on your neeeds, not on what has the highest profit margin this week.

When it comes to natural stone tile floors, the final look will depend very much on how you have those tiles installed, and whether or not you seal them. Ask to see tiles that have already been sealed as the finish between sealed and unsealed can be very different – so different you may not have an end product that you are happy with.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt are focused on helping you achieve a finished floor that meets your highest expectations. We have a wide range of natural stone tiles on display, including sealed and unsealed floor tiles. Come into one of our Montreal retail tile outlets (we have three outlets in Montreal) to view the range and perhaps spend some time with one of our floor tile experts.