Ceramic Tiles – Don’t Sacrifice Appearance For Maintenance

The wide range of ceramic tilesWhen it comes to choosing a floor covering for a kitchen, most home owners are caught between beauty and practicality. You can have both since there is now a wide range of coverings that are designed for kitchens. Kitchens are heavily trafficked areas and require flooring materials that will withstand spills and many other accidents. At the same time, no one wants to spend hours cleaning and maintaining a floor.

If you don’t want to sacrifice appearance for easy maintenance, then your best choices are from the range of natural stone and ceramic tiles. One of the better choices is a glazed ceramic tile. These tiles, whilst manufactured, are still derived from natural materials such as clays and minerals. These are pressed under high heat to produce very durable tiles. Glazing adds a water-resistant barrier to the tiles, making them well suitable for kitchen floors.

Because ceramic tiles are highly durable, they will withstand heavy foot traffic and resist scratches and dents far more effectively than many other flooring materials. Glazing not only adds a water-resistant barrier, it makes for easy cleaning. These tiles only require a regular sweep and mop – in fact, sweeping with a damp broom can often complete both tasks.

As an added bonus, ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes and textures. This means there is bound to be a ceramic tile that will fit in with your kitchen decor. In fact, you can create a very individual kitchen using different-colored ceramic tiles. If you want to get an idea as to the range of ceramic tiles available, come and see us at Éco Dépôt – we have three showrooms in Montreal, all well stocked with exciting ceramic tiles.