Ceramic Floor Tiles One Big Advantage

Ceramic floor tiles - maintenance and hassle freeNo matter what you do, your floors are going to require some sort of maintenance and cleaning routing. Carpets need a regular vacuuming, often daily, with regular cleans using either steam or carpet shampoo ( or both). Timber floors need regular sweeping, moping and resealing and polishing, often yearly. Some floor tiles require resealing every year or two, especially those that rely on the sealant to form a water barrier.

Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are a little different. You can virtually set in place then forget about any long-term maintenance issues. I know that families that have had ceramic floor tiles in their homes for ten and twenty years and the only ‘maintenance’ they give their floors is the daily sweep, a mop when it gets a little dirty, and a steam mop every 3-6 months to keep the tiles looking new.

For busy home owners, ceramic floor tiles are a great inexpensive option that will save you time. You can sweep or vacuum these floor tiles – and that’s it as far as daily maintenance goes, unless you want your floors moped daily as well. Modern robotic vacuum floors work well on ceramic floors, so the vacuuming can be done whilst you are out shopping, working or socializing.

A second advantage is most noticeable before you even buy your floor tiles – and that’s the huge variety of ceramic floor tiles that are available. The color range is huge, as is the different textures and finishes. No matter what your decor, there’s bound to be a ceramic floor tile that complements that decor. Need help deciding on your next floor tile project? Talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt – they’ll be happy to help.