Add Cachet To Your Montreal Restaurant With Tile

Montreal wall tileMontreal is famous for the many restaurants offering a wide array of dining experiences. Delicious food in appealing surroundings make that dining experience memorable. One way to add cachet — that touch of superior quality — is with tile.

Properly installed, commercial-grade tile offers a durable surface that is easy to maintain, holds up to heavy traffic, and meets stringent sanitation standards. In the kitchen a tile surface encounters greasy spills, water, and countless mishaps. In the dining rooms, constant traffic, scraping chairs and tables, and grit tracked in from the street make the proper heavy-duty flooring choice imperative.

Not all tiles are appropriate for use in commercial settings because of the special requirements for maintaining a restaurant floor so it retains slip-resistance and sanitation standards. But every style of decor is available in our selections of restaurant wall and floor tile in Montreal.

A classic black-and-white checkerboard floor has a different ambiance than one of natural stone. Travertine walls give an impression of solid agelessness where glass mosaic vibrates with translucent energy. Porcelain can mimic any surface in nature but provide the impervious toughness needed in a busy establishment.

The walls and floors of a restaurant are like the dishes the food is served in; a backdrop that enhances or distracts from the dining experience. Using the decorative power of tile to enhance a restaurant’s atmosphere adds to the meal your customers will remember and come back for. In addition, that enhanced ambience is combined with the practical requirements your professional standards insist upon. The cachet of tile from Éco Dépôt Céramique improves your Montreal restaurant.