Bring The Spa Home With Tile

bathroom spa tileOne of the trends in bathroom design is the “spa” effect, a re-creation of the calming, restorative oasis that is associated with a spa retreat.  This is particularly popular with the master bath because many couples enjoy having a luxurious place to relax and prepare for the hectic life outside the door.

If you are hoping to bring the spa home, you will want to use tile for many of the surfaces. The durability and waterproof characteristics of tile are perfect for areas that will be subject to high humidity, steam, and water pooling. Tile will allow you to create customized ledges and niches for products as well as extra towels, candles, drinks, and decorative accents.

Think through how you will be using your home spa and the features that will be important. Allow for seating, grooming areas, and space to relax. Plan a deluxe two-person shower with fancy gadgets or a soaking tub. Decide on the general decor — Zen? Modern? Japanese? Nature? –and discuss the systems that will need to be installed for plumbing and ventilation. There will need to be a tile selection long before it is actually put in place, because the size of the tiles will determine framing and drain placement, among other things.

Come in to one of the Montreal showrooms at Éco Dépôt and see all the types of bathroom tile available. You will notice that there are many sizes and styles. Each one will make a beautiful surface in your home, and there probably is not a “wrong” choice. When you are creating your personal spa, the best tile to choose is the one you like to look at!

Once you know the tile you want, it becomes easier to figure out how to configure the elements of the walls (ledges, niches, outlets) and floor (showers, drains) it covers. Your contractor should be able to work with you, and the design experts at Éco Dépôt can answer your tile questions. Come in today!