Bring In The Light With A Sunroom

porcelain for your sunroomMany homeowners have decided they want more natural light in the home, particularly during the winter months. One old-fashioned way to do this is a sunroom — lots of windows around the perimeter, sometimes even a few skylights, and plenty of space for plants and people. The Romans called them “solariums” and Victorians called them “sun parlors,” but no matter what you call it, the idea of a sunny room is attractive.

Plants and sunrooms are a natural combination. The abundant sunlight makes growing indoor flowers, herbs, and vegetables considerably easier, and the plants make the sunny space blend into the outdoors. The direction the windows look out on determines the strength of the sun in the room and it needs to be carefully planned or you will have a solar oven in the summer months. The sunroom should also blend with the rest of the house because a property can be enhanced or devalued by the quality of an addition. Carefully planning an appropriate style will enhance your home.

Another aspect of a sunroom that should be carefully planned is the floor. The outdoorsy feel of a sunroom with plants is perfect for porcelain tile. Water and potting soil will not affect it. If there is an exit to the yard, it acts as a mudroom, and a textured style will lessen the chance of slipping when wet.

Sunrooms vary in style and the floors installed in the sunroom should be appropriate for the location. When you are choosing your flooring tile, it helps to have a wide selection to look at and expert advisors to answer your questions. We have the best porcelain tile flooring in Montreal and a lot of other types of tile along with it. Come in soon and see how a sunroom with a tiled floor could bring light into your home.