Add Brilliant Color To Your Residential Floor Tiles

Add a splash of color with brightly colored tilesThe modern trendy look for tiled walls and floors is to add color. I don’t mean darker hues of the traditional stone floor tiles. I really do mean color.

You can find tiles in virtually any color of the rainbow, and a lot of colors that aren’t in the rainbow. Reds, oranges, blues and greens are all available and used judiciously, and they can create a stunning effect.

If you search your memory, I am sure you’ll have come across tiled floors that were predominantly one color, generally white or off-white, and with black or grey tiles used to break-up the all-white finish. Instead of black or grey, consider using brightly colored tiles. Bright colors can be used with any single color, especially in large rooms.

When it comes to wall tiles, you don’t have to have a white bathroom (or any other room). Reds have been popular along with burnt orange hues. Black has always been a popular option, especially with those who reject the traditional hospital feel of all white. You can create a stunning bathroom using a quality vanity with brightly colored wall and floor tiles.

One of the toughest decisions is choosing your color scheme. There are just so many colors to choose from the porcelain, ceramic and glass mosaic range. Traditional stone also comes in a range of colors, although they tend to be softer in hue compared to the bright colors available in man-made tiles. If you want to add some brilliant color to your floor or wall, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique. We can show you our range of residential floor tiles, and help you design your new floor or wall. Let color brighten your floor and wall.