What Is The Best Tile Size For Your Kitchen Floor

The size of a floor tile can help define a kitchenModern kitchens come in all shapes and sizes ranging from pokey little kitchenettes to large ranch style kitchens. When purchasing tiles for your kitchen floor, you will be faced with a range of sizes to choose from. The right size is generally based on personal opinion, however, experience tells us that some tile sizes are better suited to certain kitchen floor sizes.

When buying floor tiles generally, you have a choice from the following:

1 and 2 inch tiles

One and 2 inch tiles are sold in a sheet format with each sheet measuring 12 inches square. The one or two inch tiles are held together by a matted backing. This type of tile can be used on small kitchen floors, however, they are best suited to walls and backsplashes.

8 inch tiles

Eight inch tiles are often used in commercial kitchens, however, they can be used for residential applications. One of the benefits of eight inch tiles is the ease of installation, however, customization can be a little difficult. These tiles are suitable for kitchens where efficiency is preferred to style.

12 inch tiles

12 inch tiles are the standard size for most tiles sold, and their size is perfect for customization. You can lay these tiles in a range of different configurations. These tiles are suited to most kitchen floor sizes except perhaps very small kitchens. Being the most common tile size sold, they are generally the most economical per square as well.

Larger tiles

You can buy larger tiles with the size ranging from 14 to 24 inches, however, as these tiles get larger they become more difficult to install and your ability to customize your floor design diminishes. If you have a large kitchen and you’re looking for something different, then these are well worth looking at. One of the benefits of larger tiles is that there is less grouting required so there are fewer grout lines to see.

The best size will be determined to some extent by your personal opinion and the size of your kitchen. Talk to a floor tile expert before buying your tiles, especially if you’re looking at sizes outside the norm. What you don’t want is to buy a tile that works out to be totally unsuited to kitchen size and design.