What’s The Best Tile For Retail Flooring

retail floor tilesSo you’ve decided to start a retail business and you’re ready to lay tile on the floor. You want it to look nice and represent your company brand. What type of floor tile do you need?

Or maybe you’ve been in business for quite a few years and you’re now ready to re-tile your floors. Should you upgrade? Is there a better tile on the market?

Looks are important, but more important is how your new tile will affect your bottom line. You should think of it as an investment. And the way you count your investments is by dollars and cents. That doesn’t mean you should find the cheapest tile. Paramount to counting the pennies is foot traffic that will walk across that floor.

Floors are rated by how much foot traffic they can withstand over time. For retail businesses, you’ll likely get a lot of traffic, so you want a floor with a high PEI rating. You’ll want at least a PEI 4. If you expect to get heavy traffic on your new flooring, then you need to shop around for a PEI 5 tile. This is very important because the higher your PEI rating the more likely your floor is to last longer. The longer your floor lasts the longer it will be before you need to replace it again. Fewer investment dollars over time = more profits over time.

Count your traffic over the period of six months and see what your average per day is. You’ll see peak periods. For instance, Saturdays may deliver more traffic than weekdays. You’ll also likely see peak times during certain days. So you want to find an average over time to account for the highs and lows.

After you’ve got a good idea of your traffic, then you can start shopping for the best retail floor tiles.