Tiles Best Suited To Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor floor tiles for an outdoor kitchenThere is a big trend towards outdoor living with families creating outdoor spaces that include kitchens, eating areas, entertainment areas and even outdoor home theaters. Whilst these spaces are only used for a short period each year, families want to maximize every possible minute. Tiles are well suited to outdoor living, although you will need to choose the right tiles if you want space that is durable and that adds value to your property. Your home could lose value if you have chosen the wrong tile types, either through damage or the potential for future damage.

Ceramic tiles can be used outdoors, however, if you suffer from frosts and snow, then these extremes could create cracks in both the tiles and the grouting. Rather than ceramic tiles, you are better off looking at porcelain – you’ll get the same range of colors and textures, just in a much stronger and more durable tile. Natural stone tiles can be a better option, although like ceramics, you will need to select the right tile type.

Granite and slate tiles look good in outdoor settings, and they are durable enough to handle most weather extremes. Marble and travertine can be used, however, being a softer natural stone, they are damaged a lot easier than granite or slate. Porcelain and granite tiles are perhaps the best options for general use outdoors with slate following closely behind as third pick.

Tiles can be used outdoors as flooring, on benchtops, and around cooking areas. Anti-slip floor tiles are available, and they are ideal for use on outdoor kitchens. One of the big benefits of porcelain and granite tiles is their water resistance, and the fact that they can be easily cleaned and maintained.  If you’re planning an outdoor entertainment area such as an outdoor kitchen, then talk to the tile experts at Éco Dépôt. They will help you select the right tile type for your project and provide whatever advice you need to get the job done quickly and with the least amount of fuss.