Which Is The Best Kitchen Floor Tile?

Is there a single floor tile that is best for kitchens?There’s a question that has been asked a million times. So which tile is the best kitchen tile? My answer is simple – what type of tiles do you like! In truth, there is a wide range of tiles that are well suited to use in kitchens. These tiles all have their positives and negatives with some better suited than others, although that will depend very much on the environment.

Most tile types can be made water-resistant using sealants. The downside is that you may need to reapply these sealants every year or two. Some tiles have a natural water resistance, although that does not then relate to a natural anti-slip property. With some tiles you need to balance several factors; for example, hardness with water resistance and non-slip.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a good all-purpose tile since they can be made with some non-slip properties, are water resistant, and very hard wearing. Slate is naturally water and slip resistant, however, it can be prone to chipping if very heavy items are dropped. Granite is a tough general purpose natural stone tile, however, it doesn’t come with natural slip resistance. This can be created, however, you won’t have the smooth glossy finish that many people like. But then, it’s that smooth glossy finish that can make these tiles slippery.

The best advice is to talk to a tile expert. At Éco Dépôt, our tile experts won’t recommend any tile type until they know about the environment that it is being installed into. Once we have an understanding of your intended use, we can show you a range of tiles that will be well suited to that use and environment. When it comes to tiles, often there is no single simple answer to question unless we have that information. But then, if you want a completed kitchen floor tile project that looks good and is 100% functional, you don’t want someone making guesses about the right floor tiles to use.