What’s Your Preferred Bathroom Vanity Style?

Vanities to suit all bathroom stylesBathroom vanities have come a long way over the last 50 years. Those old vanities were purely functional and, unless you had plenty of money, had little style. Today’s vanities are full of style and, no matter what type of bathroom you have, there will be a vanity that fits in nicely. In fact, there’s bound to be a vanity that could be the highlight of your bathroom.

We live in an interesting design era where it’s become fashionable to mix certain styles. You can have a retro vanity in a modern setting, if the colors and textures are selected carefully. There are some styles that will fit every bathroom – a combination of tempered glass and chrome, stainless steel or aluminum is a good example. The image above displays a bathroom vanity that has combined modern clean lines with an eighties style cabinet.

In the same image is a fabulous old world style bathroom vanity – it would look great in any bathroom that has been tiled and painted, using colors that complement this piece. In fact, this bathroom vanity deserves to be the center of attention – it says style and class with one look.

So what’s your style? If you are struggling to find a bathroom vanity that fits in well with your bathroom’s overall theme, then come and talk to us at Éco Dépôt in Montreal. We have a wide range of imported vanities, one of the widest in Montreal. We are sure we can help you find the right vanity for your bathroom. We can even help you design your bathroom from scratch – this includes your bathroom vanity and floor and wall tiles.