Coordinating Bathroom Vanities With Wall And Floor Tiles

Coordinated bathrooms are easy when everything is in the one locationBathrooms used to be one of the few rooms in a home that was built purely for function. Look at some of those old homes and the last word to come to mind would be ‘coordinated’. Wall tiles were chosen for their ability to withstand water and soap. Floor tiles were chosen for their anti-slip and water-resistance factors whilst vanities were, well, just plain vanities. In fact, many of those old vanities struggled to meet the ‘functional’ criteria as well.

Today, we look at bathrooms as part of the whole home, so they too need to look and feel great whilst still being functional. When designing a bathroom, being able to coordinate everything can be difficult, however, there is one solution that will make life a little easier. Éco Dépôt is Montreal’s leading supplier of vanities and wall and floor tiles. You could call it a one-stop shop when it comes to bathrooms although you will need to source your fittings elsewhere.

Our vanities come in a range of styles, sizes and colors. Our wall and floor tile collection is second to none and includes natural stone, the ceramic family (which includes porcelain) and glass mosaic tiles. You can select either your wall and floor tile style first, then find a vanity to match; or select your vanity first then floor and wall tiles. The end result is a coordinated bathroom that looks great.

Whilst looks are important, our specialists will help you find a coordinated look that is also very functional. Wall and floor tiles will be suitable for your environment, making for the easiest possible installation process and a finish that will last years – decades, in fact. If you are planning a new bathroom and you want a coordinated finish that looks good, then come and talk to us – we can help you put together a bathroom that answers your dreams.