Bathroom Tile Is Easier Than You Think

bathroom tileNot every bathroom tile project is out of the question for a homeowner. While it is true that a tiled shower should probably be left to professionals, a sink backsplash or the main floor of the room are great DIY projects for a person willing to carefully follow the instructions. Both of these spots are fairly small and straight-forward to work on.

First, choose a tile that is easy to work with. Most installers would agree that is probably going to be ceramic tile because it is relatively easy to cut. Many times, a glass mosaic will be preglued to a backing that allows you to work with it as one large piece. When you come in to see bathroom tile at the Éco Dépôt showrooms in Montreal, ask about the methods each will require for installation.

Consider those methods honestly and ask yourself if you have the skills and the tools to do the job well. Many times, the tools can be rented if you are not willing to purchase them. It is a good idea to have taken the measurements of the project and drawn them on graph paper for the sales associate to see what you are considering. Éco Dépôt carefully trains the people you see in our showrooms and they are able to give you good advice on our products.

Many Montreal homeowners have come into Éco Dépôt over the last forty years, looking for an easy way to update their bathroom with a tile project. That first do-it-yourself project then became the confidence-builder to tackle more home improvements and the neighborhoods have been enhanced by their efforts. We can do the same for you!