Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom can be exciting as you consider these refreshing ideas:

Bold colours

You could add bold coloured tiles to add dimension to the bathroom. This allows you to sectionalize the room while at the same time allowing a focus point for e.g. the bath tub, or the vanity, set against bold colored mosaic and porcelain decorative tiles. These tiles also serve their functional purposes by holding up well to moisture.

Different textured tiles to create dimension

These textured tiles could serve as dimensional pieces and sculptural elements. Set against the bathtub or vanity, they could be designed to be aesthetically pleasing, like a work of art. They can also be made simple and minimal with smooth lines to further enhance the artistic component to the space.

Colourful Vanities and Cabinets

While neutrals were most in demand as choice of colours for these essential pieces in the bathroom, consider adding character to the space by adding bold and colourful vanities and cabinets. The right vanity/cabinet colour will also enhance the beauty of your wall and floor tiles, and give the space a distinct look, as it stands out.