Stylish New Trends for Your Bathroom Tile

Slate negro slate Blanco

Looking for a new style or an artistic twist for your bathroom? Start with the look and charm of your bathroom floor tiles. Here are four stunning tile trends that you should check out.

Old-Fashioned Subway Tiles
Carry in the new by bringing back the old. Subway tile is a classic rectangle style that catches the eye and gives a modernized feeling. Create a rustic look or install a glossy, striking pattern.

Imitation Wood
A not-so-common type of bathroom floor is imitation wood tile. This realistic, insect-proof material provides a comfortable look while also being an affordable solution. This style can fit well in other rooms due to its professional, hard-floor appeal.

Decorative Bathroom Floor Tiles
Release the artist inside of you with this bold trend. Decorative tile can add personality to your bathroom, acting as either a stunning or modest touch depending on your taste. Some designs, such as our Calacatta White Curl style, can add the perfect pinch of grandeur to the room.

Matte Finish
The matte look of this tile doesn’t call attention but creates a powerful impression. Many people like the look and feel of a darker, moody color. Of course, glossy tiles are still popular and can create a bright, polished feel.

Make your washroom more trendy today. Search through our extensive collection and find your favorite bathroom tile look.