Two Ways to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Unique With Bathroom Floor Tiles

A bathroom renovation can do wonders for your home. Whether you’re trying to sell or simply want to improve your own living space, there are some fun ways to use bathroom floor tiles to really make your bathroom remodel unique.

1. Creating a Different Pattern

Your tiles don’t have to lay down straight. Consider switching off putting every other tile vertical and the others horizontal in an interlocking pattern. Cut the edges at an angle and lay them down in a chevron pattern. One row can be rectangular tiles all going one direction and the next row can be the same tiles all going the opposite direction. The patterns and designs are limitless.

2. Pulling It Up the Wall

Your design doesn’t have to stay on the floor. Pull it up the wall in your shower for an entire surround of the same tile. If you prefer the shower to have a different design, extend your tiles from the floor up the wall in the main space of your bathroom. You could also use the floor tiles as the back splash for your counter and sink.

Getting Your Bathroom Renovation Started

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a drab space. With bathroom floor tiles and a little creativity, you can turn it into a unique room anyone will want to spend time in. Get started today by looking at your flooring options.