Basement Tile Floors – An Easy DIY Project

Tiling a basement is not as difficult as you think.Basements are one area where tiles can make a big difference. However, one look at your basement floor and you may be tempted to put it in the ‘too hard’ basket. Don’t. It’s really not a difficult task at all.

The key to well laid basement tile floors is the preparation. Before starting, remove all freestanding items and remove any loose flooring materials. If the floor has been carpeted, then you will need to remove this – and that can be a difficult job if it has been glued in place. Painted surfaces are the easiest – scrap off any loose paint, then scruff up the surface a little. Finish with a good vacuum to remove any loose material.

With your floor prepared, you can lay your tiles. The best approach is to use a dry run, placing the tiles without any cement, just be sure to use the spacers between each tile. With the tiles laid, you’ll get an idea as to how it will all look, whether or not you have the right number of tiles, and whether or not you have started in the right place.

If you are happy with the look, then start to cement your tiles into place using an appropriate adhesive. Leave the tiles to set for several days before applying the grouting to complete the job. Sound too easy? It normally is, if you prepare well.

When it comes to any flooring, including basement floors, getting the right advice is the first step in preparing a task.  Éco Dépôt Céramique are the most experienced tile retailers in Montreal. We can provide you with all advice required to successfully complete a basement floor tile project, including how to prepare your surface, and the right adhesive to use. They can also provide helpful assistance when it comes to selecting the right tiles for your project, and there are plenty to chose suitable for all budgets.