Basement Tile Flooring Lightens Even The Darkest Corners

The right basement tile flooring can help to create an extra functional room in your homeBasements can be cold, dark and often dingy areas. They can also be the perfect home for mold and mildew. One solution is to lay basement tile flooring. Light colored tiles work extremely well in darker areas – every spot of light is reflected back helping to light even the darkest corners.

With the right tiles, mold and mildew can be greatly reduced.  Ceramic tiles are a good option as they are easy to clean and easy to maintain. If you do notice mold or mildew in any damp areas, a couple of drops of oil of cloves in a pint of water lightly sprayed over the area will kill the mold, and prevent it returning for months – and it won’t harm the tiles at all.

Include wall tiles, even if it’s only a foot or two up the walls, and you’ll notice a big difference in your basement. Light colored tiles used this way will help to make your basement look bigger, great if you want to use it as an entertainment area. Spills are easily cleaned, and with the right tiles, there’s never any long term staining.

Éco Dépôt has basement tile flooring in a wide range of types including ceramic, granite, slate and marble – all a great choice for basements. There is also a huge range of colors and textures to chose from; just bring in your intended basement design and we can work with you to find the right tile.

Basements don’t have to be cold, dark or dingy. Basement tile flooring can turn that basement into a fully functional extra room in your home.