Basement Need A Lift? Consider Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Natural stone floor tiles will breath life into a dark and dingy basementBasements are generally dark and gloomy areas in a home. They are made more so by being used as store rooms for the bric-a-brac that may ‘come in useful one day’.  The time comes when you need an extra room, and the basement becomes the only option. How do you turn a dark and gloomy basement into viable living space? A lick of bright paint and good quality natural stone floor tiles, that’s how.

If you have reasonable lighting, then granite floor tiles are often a very good choice for basements. Granite contains quartz, which reflects light well and helps to improve a room’s overall appeal. Granite tiles are durable and will withstand plenty of traffic. These are not overly affected by moisture, either, one of the problems many homeowners face with basements. Granite is easily cleaned, and that includes being chemical resistant – you can use anti-fungal and anti-mold products without fear of damaging your tiles. Use a wall paint that is anti-mold and you may find that basement mold is a thing of the past.

Granite is just one of the natural stones that makes for great basement flooring. You can include marble, travertine and slate to that list, particularly the latter. Slate floor tiles are, like granite, extremely durable, resistant to moisture, and easy to maintain. Slate floor tiles also have natural non-slip properties, making them a very good choice for areas that are susceptible to moisture.

Basements don’t have to be dark and gloomy. Reasonably light, good wall paint (or wall tiles), and natural stone tiles can change that gloomy basement into a fully functional extra room. Need help deciding on which tile is best suited to your basement? The expert staff at Éco Dépôt can not only help you select the right basement tile flooring, they can help you with your project design, provide advice on how best to lay your tiles, and how to best maintain them.