Basement Floors Can Be Fun

basement floor tileIf you are planning a basement remodel and have hopes of making it a place for games, think about adding a few game possibilities in the tile flooring. It doesn’t have to be garish, but even a subtle giant checkerboard with a border can delineate an area and add a fun element.

Imagine a sophisticated room with a “rug” in tile of natural stone squares, alternating in black and grey with a complementing border. It looks like a design element, but the pile of pillows nearby is really a pile of checker pieces ready to be put into play. The classic game takes on new dimensions in this size. If you wanted to come up with creative chess pieces, even better.

Families with children might consider including hopscotch tiles down a hall or a maze design to challenge motor skills and create a path. Even the ancient labyrinth can become an elegant design for a tiled floor. The way the pattern looks depends on the type of tile chosen for the installation.

If this idea appeals to you, it will take careful planning. Use graph paper to lay out the designs in an accurate scale and then place paper templates of your furniture on the plan to make sure there’s enough space for the game to be played in real life.

Come in to one of our three showrooms and see the possibilities. Basement tile flooring in your home can turn an unused area into a fun place to be. Éco Dépôt Céramique has a well-trained staff of designers and tile experts who can help you with any of your tile projects, and give you good advice for the plan you have in mind.