Tiling Your Basement Floor – Ask Yourself Why First

which is the best floor tile for basementsWhen considering any new flooring it’s important to ask yourself why you want to make any changes, and what you hope to achieve. This is particularly important for basement floors where lack of sunlight and dampness are ever present. When tiling your basement floor, consider first why you want tile and what your intended use of that basement space will be.

Natural stone tiles are generally a good fit for basements, however, the environment is important when deciding on which tile is best suited. Slate tiles are an excellent choice, however, slate tiles are generally darker in color so if your basement is poorly lit, they will enhance the dark and gloomy feel. If your basement is well lit, then slate tiles will work well.

Ceramics come in a wide range of colors, including whites and off-whites. These are well suited to dimly lit basements as they disperse the available light, removing much of the gloom.  They also work well in areas where dampness is a problem – in fact, the recommendation in that situation is to use porcelain floor tiles. Porcelain has excellent water resistance and is very easy to clean – this makes it very easy to keep control of any mold or mildew before it becomes a problem.

When tiling a basement floor, gather as much information as possible about your basement, then spend a little time with a floor tile expert. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you select the most appropriate tile type for your basement. Once you have selected the most appropriate tile type, the only decision left is that of color and texture – and that’s entirely up to your tastes and the final finish you are looking to obtain.